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Nova Soon is a space-folk artist from London, UK. The storytelling songs of Noah de Grunwald can be hilarious, heartbreaking, euphoric, or disturbing — often all at once — but are always somehow informed by humanity’s smallness in our universe. Musically, reverb-laced nylon fingerpicking meets jazz-blues eccentricity meets propulsive, poem-influenced vocal delivery: this is folk like no other, a hyper-modern version for the 21st Century music landscape.


Nova Soon’s debut album, You Are Alive, was released in 2019 to acclaim from BBC 6 Music, KEXP, Mojo & Jammerzine. After a stint in music education, a follow-up is now in the works, tackling taboo sexuality & online transcendence with a newly foul-mouthed, confessional abandon & a broader sonic palette, with one hand still firmly on the classical guitar & one eye forever fixed on the vast night sky.  

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 Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

'Nova Soon ... certainly spins a wonderful tale, but let's not forget the music too. This spritely folky acoustic song has more than meets the ear with foreboding howling vocals to stomping trombone. These little touches set 'Telling The Bees' aside from your regular folk'

 Bobby Colcombe, Fresh On The Net

'We love Nova Soon's distinctive fingerpicking style ... and effortless lilting vocals ... but it's mainly the stories, I think, for me, that he weaves into his songs, that make his music so, so special. There's a whole world written into ['Just An Extra In Your Dreams']'

— Kitty Perrin, BBC Introducing in Norfolk

'Dark, conspiratorial, and filled with Americana mystery ... captures the ghost-story tone beautifully from the first notes'

Ben McCoy, Unxigned

'An almost sublimely storybook style of song'


'I felt Nick Drake stirring here from this bard called Noah de Grunwald, a near imperceptible melancholy twinned with a quiet joy'