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Nova Soon (aka Noah de Grunwald) is a 26-year-old London-based classical guitarist & writer of 'space-folk' songs: fingerpicked, quietly jazzy, literary ballads of mortal (& sometimes immortal) lives lived under the unknowable stars (& sometimes out among them). Following 2019's lavishly-arranged debut album, 'You Are Alive' — which led to airplay on BBC Radio 6 & KEXP, plus festival slots at Oxjam, Extinction Rebellion, Wild Paths & Trunchonbury — a sophomore effort will land in 2022, this time home-recorded & stripped-back, with the ultra-meticulous narrative songwriting front-&-centre.


Released on June 4th 2021, the second single is Telling The Bees: a dark, minor-bluesy, alt-country shuffle, propelled by jazzy double bass, handclaps & descending guitar riffs. Inspired by the titular tradition — where beekeepers would whisper secrets to their hives, hoping the bees would one day lead them safely to heaven in exchange — the lyrics follow a city girl called Holly on her odyssey through a mythic countryside where 'the river listens' & 'the shadows frown', all to eavesdrop on a local preacher's hiveside confession. Before we discover what he whispered, or why it 'made her blood freeze', a ghostly outro of piano, trombones & synth pads sweeps both Holly & the listener away — 'down to paradise'.

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 Tom Robinson, BBC Radio 6 Music

'We love Nova Soon's distinctive fingerpicking style ... and effortless lilting vocals ... but it's mainly the stories, I think, for me, that he weaves into his songs, that make his music so, so special. There's a whole world written into [Just An Extra In Your Dreams]'

— Kitty Perrin, BBC Introducing in Norfolk

'An almost sublimely storybook style of song'


'I felt Nick Drake stirring here from this bard called Noah de Grunwald, a near imperceptible melancholy twinned with a quiet joy'